How do you know which is the most economical system for your structure? Is it steel? Is it wood? Maybe it’s a combination of both. There is volatility in both of these markets. Traditionally, the selection of the structural system is determined by the structural engineer. They may do a cost analysis based on published unit costs. But, how current is that data? What about labor? Labor not only has a substantial impact on the cost of your project, but it impacts the schedule as well. We have the unique ability to anticipate the structural requirements of your project and combine those requirements with up to date material and labor costs. When combined with our structural design, we can assure the final construction documents represent the most economical, structurally sound solution.


On most projects we are brought on board during the design phase. We perform cost analysis to make sure the structural system is appropriate for your specific project. We provide structural drawings and calculations for submittal to the building official at the same time as the other consultants. At the same time, this critical information is coordinated with all of the other consultants. This insures that the design is efficient while meeting the load requirements. This also greatly reduces the requests for information (RFI’s) and speeds up the shop drawing process because we are part of the design team.


Whether your project is designed by us or not, we have the experience and expertise to erect your structure. Our processes combine the latest computer software with our extensive field experience to make certain your project is structurally sound, of high quality, safely installed and completed on time.


We can bring in the engineering or work with your engineer to create a constructible solution. Structural repairs are often complicated, but they also offer opportunities to get creative. Even after decades of performing repairs, the challenge still excites us. We’ve even invented tools and special apparatuses when needed to get the job done right.